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History of Marriage Savers

Marriage Savers' sole purpose is to encourage activities known to prevent bad marriages, to insure new marriages, to enrich existing marriages, to restore troubled marriages and to support blended (step) families.

Central to the Marriage Savers mission is an ecumenical community marriage policy which unites the religious community to ensure a uniform rigorous approach to marriage preparation, and to increase the availability of marriage enriching/saving ministries. To date, 56 communities have adopted a community marriage policy. In Modesto, California, (the first community to adopt a "marriage policy") the divorce rate has dropped 40% in 10 years. A similar result in Sioux Falls would save approximately 250 marriages each year!

Marriage Savers was started by Michael J. McManus, a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist (Ethics and Religion), a radio TV commentator, a former Time magazine correspondent, and author of the books Marriage Savers: Helping Your Friends and Family Stay Married and Insuring Marriage: 25 Proven Ways to Prevent Divorce. Mike and his wife, Harriet, direct and oversee marriage preparation at Fourth Presbyterian Church of Bethesda, Maryland. Instrumental in helping communities establish a Community Marriage Policy, Mike and Harriet are also a mentor couple who have trained 38 other mentor couples.

Sioux Empire Marriage Savers was founded by Tony and Tami Trussell to help server the Sioux Falls and surrounding communities. 


How to Contact Us

Write to:

Sioux Empire Marriage Savers
PO Box 91025
Sioux Falls, SD 57109

Executive Director: Melissa Fletcher (email Melissa)
Phone: 605-359-3590

General E-mail: email SEMS

National Office

To contact Michael J. McManus:

Marriage Savers Institute
9311 Harrington Court
Potomac, MD 20854
Phone: 301-469-5873
Fax: 301-469-5871

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